PARTNER Messaging


The Avaya PARTNER Advanced Communications System (ACS) offers two messaging options
1. PARTNER Voice Messaging
2. PARTNER Messaging system

1. PARTNER Voice Messaging is available through a plug-in PC card and provides basic voicemail and attendant capabilities.This voicemail can be configured for up to twelve mailboxes.

2. The PARTNER Messaging system is a module that plugs into one of the slots in a PARTNER ACS 5-slot carrier. PARTNER Messaging R7 is designed for customers who require moderate to advanced voice messaging capabilities and provides 2, 4, or 6 voice channels (ports) and up to 200 mailboxes.

Product Details
PARTNER Voice Messaging provides the following basic voice messaging capabilities:
. Handles up to two calls simultaneously and provides service for four subscribers.
. Answers outside calls, plays a customized message prompting the caller to select a mailbox (1-4) for the party for whom the caller wants to leave a message-all without the aid of a receptionist.
. Allows callers to leave a private message if the called party does not answer or is busy on another call. The caller can also transfer to another system extension or the receptionist's extension for assistance.
. When a message is left in one of the four mailboxes, the message light on the system phone associated with the mailbox comes on.
. Allows subscribers to retrieve messages from any touch-tone phone on the premises or from a remote location. The system informs subscribers how many of these message are new and how many are old (previously saved) messages.
The voice messaging system provides two types of service:
. Call Answer Service. Allows the caller to leave a message or to transfer to another extension if the called party is busy or does not answer.
. Voice Mail Service. Allows subscribers to listen to messages and to manage their own mailboxes.

The PARTNER Messaging Release 7.0 system integrates with all PARTNER Advanced Communications Systems (ACS), and is backwards compatible with PARTNER Plus Release 3.1 and higher; PARTNER II Release 3.1 and higher; and the PARTNER Endeavor Communications System.
PARTNER Messaging Release 7.0 provides the following:
. Two, Four or Six voice ports via Port License Card
. 200 mailboxes
. Four Automated Attendants
. Approximately 100 Hours of storage time
. Support for Unified Messaging
. Support for www.messaging
. Support for Record-a-Call (minimum Four ports license card is required)


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